Great Pots from the Traditions of North & South Carolina

Mark Hewitt Pottery

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Great Pots from the Traditions of North & South Carolina Paperback – January 1, 2017

Great Pots from the Traditions of North & South Carolina” is a sequel to “The Potter’s Eye: Art and Tradition in North Carolina Pottery,” the 2005 book cataloging the exhibition curated by Mark Hewitt at the North Carolina Museum of Art.

The “Great Pots from the Traditions of North & South Carolina” exhibition was on display at the North Carolina Pottery Center in the Summer of 2017. This serves as a catalog, and permanent record of that exhibition.

Great Pots features examples from five branches of the regional tradition – Moravian and St. Asaph’s Earthenware; South Carolina stoneware (Edgefield, Columbia, and Upstate); Lincoln & Catawba County alkaline glaze; Moore & Randolph County salt glaze: and Alamance County salt glaze. While the North Carolina and South Carolina traditions are linked by history, culture, and material, significant stylistic differences exist between the two, as individual potters used their consummate skills to give singular voice to their time and place.

The last thirty years has seen extraordinary levels of interest in this regional ceramic heritage, and Great Pots brings together several voices to examine the aesthetics, folklore, archaeology, and collection of this mighty, shared tradition.

Every piece in the exhibition is featured in the catalog along with caption information and many of the pieces are accompanied by short, interesting, descriptive commentary by the editor, Mark Hewitt. Contains essays by Charles (Terry) Zug, Linda Carnes-McNaughton, and Philip Wingard.

256 pages, soft cover, full color, featuring wonderful photographs, captions, and descriptions.

Photography by Jason Dowdle and book design by Rich Hendel.