Tall Tumbler or Vase - 9"

Mark Hewitt Pottery

SKU: 108-IT04

Tall salt glazed tumbler with diagonal slip trailed white ribbons and melted blue glass.  So pretty! We call this an Iced Tea Ceremony Vessel * and you can also use it as a vase. These typically range from 8-9" tall, so this is one of the taller ones which will be especially nice as a vase!

 * "Tea drinking has fueled pottery making across the globe. Vessels are required. Bowls for the Japanese Tea Ceremony, teacups and saucers for English tea-time and mugs here in the US are easy examples. Here in the South iced tea is a favorite drink, so I created these tall tumblers or Iced Tea Ceremony Vessels, as I like to call them."  Mark

You can see Mark make one of these here!

Dimensions: 9"H x 3.5"W
Capacity:  ~ 20 oz.
Firing: 108