Tall Tumbler or Vase - 8.25"

Mark Hewitt Pottery

SKU: 108-IT12

Rich amber ash glaze and blue glass melt down on to the black slip on this stunning tumbler (or vase.) Amazing. Just another excellent example of the gifts of the wood firing!

We call this an Iced Tea Ceremony Vessel  and you can also use it as a vase. Either works wonderfully! This is a hastily made "bouquet" of what I found in our winter garden to give you an idea of size as a vase:)

 "Tea drinking has fueled pottery making across the globe. Vessels are required. Bowls for the Japanese Tea Ceremony, teacups and saucers for English tea-time and mugs here in the US are easy examples. Here in the South iced tea is a favorite drink, so I created these tall tumblers or Iced Tea Ceremony Vessels, as I like to call them."  Mark

You can see Mark make one of these here!

Dimensions: 8.25"H x 3.25"W
 (These typically range from 8"-9" in height.)
Capacity:  ~ 20 oz.
Firing: 108